Shortcodes & Widgets

Besides the core plugin shortcodes used to create & manage wishlist, we’ve prepared two additional widgets & shortcodes that allow to search and browse all public wishlists on your site.

Seach Wishlist Shortcode

Allow your customers to search for other public wishlists on your site.You can place wishlist search anywhere on your website, from content to sidebar, using our shortcode & widget.

Public Wishlists Shortcode

Together with search, Recent Wishlists Widget & Shortcode can bring some “life” to the website and attract an interest of many customers as they will be able to see the list of other people wishlists. By browsing other people wishlists, customers can pay attention to the new products that they could miss before.

List NameList Author Date Added
Cool Wishlist Alex Thebest
My birthday gifts John Doe
New year gift for parents John Doe
Default wishlist John Doe